Friday, December 9, 2011

UNESTABLISH Wishlist Christmas Giveaway

Hey everybody! I'm back !!! It's Friday night . I spend my Friday nite with lovely besties at the cafe called Tony Jack . Aniway, i really2 love online store. And UNESTABLISH is one of my favorite .
And you should know, they're having a big giveaway to you <http://UNESTABLISH.COM> , a multi-label online boutique....

All of us got the chance to win any favorites clothes that we want from them, and this is how we can join the giveaway :

Come join their Christmas wish list giveaway, it’s really simple!

  1. Follow me on  twitter and follow my blog The Pretty Rabbit
  2. Just post 3 of your favorite items on their site on your blog.
  3. Link back to their site on your blog.
  4. Send your blog post links to:
  5. Done! 
3 lucky winners will be announced on 20th December and their UNESTABLISH Christmas wish list will be fulfilled and it may just be you!

For my wishlist, i choosed :

1. Love & Lemons Casablanca Dress

2. KLING Dress Lepaix
 3. Summer Briefcase

Note :
Psssttttt, for one entire month, enjoy 25% discount + free worldwide shipping + cash rebates on all your purchases. Use the code XMAS25 at checkout.


Friday, December 2, 2011

New Year 2012 Giveaway: ALEXANDER WANG JADE Leather-Suede Clutch

Retail Price $795! Win it for FREE!

*No Purchase Necessary. Open Worldwide. Prize will be shipped from NYC, USA.
Contest expires on March 31st, 2012.


-Follow The Pretty Rabbit on Bloglovin
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In order for your entries to be accepted,
please copy & paste the following and enter your details accordingly in the comments box below:
(entries with any missing points will be deleted and disqualified)

1. My Facebook id:
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5. My tumblr id:
6. My YouTube id:
7. My bloglovin id:
8. My email address:

Good Luck!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dark & Shadow

old photos portfolio, 2 months ago , photographer : Hazlan Uchax
Location : Jogja, Indonesia

Hey, i found one of my new favorite sexy song ...
sexy voice, and wow with the lirics
now i can singing this song =D

Shivaree Goodnight Moon ( Lyrics )

Aniway, Omg I got so many coupon code discount, from ASOS, ROMWE, 80's Purple, & Nasty Gal! 
Super cool, adn i love it !!! but I've spent a lot of money, so I don't use these vouchers. =(
 And, thank's God it's Friday !!!!
welcome weekend and i hope everything is gonna be alright
have a nice day ♥

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little Black Dress

One of my fav sexy song from Lawrie Graham .. Love this one! It's dangerous! Too sexy song ♥ :D

Haiii !!!!! everyone knows about this one  *hot stuff*
LBD or the Little Black Dress. LBD is "must have item". This one is all time and will never be out of date. And so easy to mix and match with just about anything depending on your character. For example, for myself, I'm interested to mix and match with these items:

nice combo LBD with gloves, boots, and clutch

super *melting* - Little Black Dress

Hollywood style

sexy heels, from Crhistian Louboutin

Vintage Bag from Mullberry

Vintage Bag

Black hats

Flowery hats accessorise

Well, enjoy your day and ready to go to party !!!
-wening tresnany sheyza

Friday, November 25, 2011


Just spending my single day with the girls.. Picnic at Balekambang Garden, with Restia Viani  and Jenisa 
i love this one ! so natural right? ;)

take a picture

Jenisa look like Korean girls =D

Resti look so feminim today =D
Well, we love do some photoshoot, we love camera, we love fashion... 
Editing by me and Seno
Photographer by : Seno Kibo
Location : Balekambang Garden, Solo City

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Art Drawing

before coulouring
Hey i'm back. yess it's me ! Hmmm...
I just drew two pictures, normally I draw what's in my head, or someone who was in my mind, so I'm drawing right away, you could say like "vent"
Well, I share with you all, about my steps drawing, starting from sketches, to coloring, and the selection of background.
Psssttt, Can you guess who the character of a man in this pic? haha actually I'm ashamed to say it, just a few days he was there in my mind, ah.... let's hope he doesn'tt read my blog post, hahaha ... * shy*

look! My drawing looks less perspective, the photograper as if taking photographs to me, rather than to the model, then I edit again be like this : 

it's look better right ?
before colouring

Okay, I drew a fashionable character because he really love fashion, yeah just like me. and he also likes photography, while I like to be model. So I draw like he was taking pictures of me. ;)
hmm, let me know what you think about my drawing??
Btw, i really2 need job as soon as possible !!! money, moneyyy i need you !!!
someone will come to Indonesia, and I have not had time to save money to go to Bali (according to our plan) I don't know whether he will actually come or not later.

(hand drawing manual, scan, then editing photoshop cs 3)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Layout

Hello everyone ! how are you so far?
I hope all goes nice ... What about your weekend? my weekend as usual, hangout with lovely friends, and last week I did a photoshoot with my besties, and here it is one of them,
me, Resty, Jeni
behind the scene

i love this picture !! the tone colour is so vintage ! thank's to SENO our photographer =D
concept in this photo is actually styled like Korean women, but see? It's look like Korean style? Hahaha It seems that managed to look like Korean girls is just JENISA (she wear glasses) because she has white skin and slant-eyed, haha..

I just changed the layout on my blog, because I was bored with my old layout that looks untidy and a bit messy.. Then how do you think about my new layout?  Let me know what you think. I really really like RED,  red is one of my fav colours. so, I show on my blog =D

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sponsor And Giveaway :)

HELLO Fashion people, have you ever heard about SCRAPBOOK SOFTWARE ??? Yeah, this is, the scrapbook software called "MY MEMORIES" It's new !!!
FOR you are confused what would you give to your girlfriend/boyfriend when he/she's birthday? or for your bestfriends, family, you can download this software and create a funny and amazing digital scrapbook.. surely they'll love it! ;)

Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the
store - $20 value!)

Fill in the form to receive your unique coupon code and additional program details.
Here are some instructions for you for downloading the software with the promo code:
1. Follow my blog on Bloglovin
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2. Go to digital_scrapbooking_software Click on Add to Cart.
3. Enter the Promotional Code field on the shopping cart page
4. Finish the checkout. You should not be asked for any credit card
information, and the total for the order should be FREE.
5. To download the software, go to
downloads and click on the link to
download the software. Your product key will also be displayed on that
And the winner will be announced and will get very interesting and unique gift!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Phewwww today is Monday, and so lazy for today.
I hate this day, first I came late to the office, second I forgot to bring my blackberry, then finally my back feels very tired +_+
actually this photo was taken about a few weeks ago
but I just got around to uploading on the blog
well, i wore DIY sweater top (this is my mom's oversize sweater) =D
the, mini jeans skirt (secondhand), and floopy hats i bought in jakarta, and wedges from yongki komaladi
alright, have a wonderful Monday !!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


So, ladies, are you ready ????  i wanna show you what's happening dress in this season, here we go !!! =D


sick with your one shoulder dress? go move on with a new dress, the alternative? this peekaboo dress. besides, you should throw your one shoulder dress cause Kim Kardashian already over it. and this peekaboo dress is way cooler than that boring one shoulder dress. you can choose, from the classic LBD to LWD or red? anything. Hollywood's fashionistas were spotted wearing a peekaboo dress too.

still found a doubt in your heart to trade out your one shoulder dress to peekaboo dress? even Eric Daman, Gossip Girl's stylist is used two peekaboo dress for Serena (Blake Lively) on season four.
combine the peekaboo dress with classic ensembles like stiletto, red lipstick. i recommended you a cuff bracelet from Gaia Repossi or leather bracelet from Hermes. chic.


If you have a sheer dress in your closet, you may wonder how you can wear this garment without giving the public an inadvertent peep show. In fact, you can wear a sheer dress in a manner either daring or demure. The versatility of sheer fabrics should make a sheer dress a wardrobe staple. ;)


    • 1
      Wear an opaque bra and panties that match your skin tone. This works best for a bold look you can wear to a nightclub.
    • 2
      Create a gauzy, romantic look by wearing a sheer dress over one or more sheer layers. Choose layers in the same color family for added richness, such as several hues of violet.
    • 3
      Choose a sheer dress that hangs loosely about your frame. Form fitting sheer dresses work best for intimate settings or as undergarments.
    • 4
      Pair a sheer dress with a lace top and pants you wouldn't wear alone. The combination of fabrics can provide enough coverage to appear sexy without revealing too much.
    • 5
      Buy a nude-colored body shaper to wear beneath the sheer dress. Spanx makes body shapers that function to preserve modesty and provide the wearer with a seam-free look. If you don't need support, layer a sheer dress over a matching camisole and slip.
    • 6
      Consult a tailor to create a custom-made liner for your sheer dress. Opt for this investment for a special vintage garment that came with a damaged liner.

 If you’ve got a schedule chock-full of after-work events and al fresco cocktail parties, we highly recommend you reach for a little lace dress for the ultimate summer-into-fall look. As seen on FabSugar’s Allison McNamara, it’s easy to bring edgy sophistication to the once-childhood staple of a frilly frock, as long as you have the right accessories…and attitude! Just add some chic ankle-boots to your girly, go-to party dress, a luxe cross-body bag, and some red-hot nails to add a little unexpected fire. ;)
you'll look super hot and sexy ;)


Veronice Halloween's look from

And for the last dress is PETERPAN DRESS... So simple and catchy right? remind me about high school on movie... Yeah, wear it with black tight or white tight, with platform or you can also wear with high heels, just simple and don't wear too much jewellery (etc: necklace)
Just wear it with some pretty hats for accessoris, AND you'll look like Kate Midleton! ;)
one word : classy !!
well, good luck ;) 

PS: Thank's for some reference photos from Topshop, Asos, Romwe, Google, and
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