Sunday, May 8, 2011

Floopy Hats ...

Anastasia Siantar from

Thilda from

Thilda from

Denni from The Chic MUse

Surely we would agree to say that this big hat is very beautiful.
So many hats and accecoris in this fashion world
but this one, is very very CUTE and UNIQUE for this eason, for summer.
I really like the things unique and beautiful
we gonna be look more beautiful and fashionable with this floopy hat
Oh seriously, i love feminim woman..
it's elegan and classy...
which model hats do you like in all the pictures that I share to you?? ;)
btw, do you know, where i can find this hats in Jakarta, Jogja, or Solo???
i just saw this hats in everywhere store when i went shopping at Pondok Indah Mall, but i don't like the colours. i Looking for Black floopy hats or brokenwhite. So, When i saw at Plaza Senayan, and Plaza Semanggi, i get the colour what i want!!! Black and brokenwhite! BUT ohhh poor me!!!! 
I've just been shopping a lot of clothes and dress, and my money was gone and not sufficient to buy a beautiful floppy hats that I wanted at that time!!!!
maybe i should save my money again...

-wening tresnany sheyza

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