Friday, May 27, 2011

MAKE UP Reference...

 amazing lighting and make-up

 Oh wow..

 Cool pose and make up !

 Oh wow..So amazing make-up for shooting or film.. Downtrodden character

So pretty eyeshadow and flower

i love her eyes !

 Amazing eye cat effect ! :O

 Simple but so beautiful

 aw... so chic and elegan !

 So CUTE !

Soft and pretty

Her eyes !!
 i love this one


Flower Hats

Brush painting make up.. should be trying.. =D

Do you guys think same with me? 
that I think every woman is beautiful and has its own uniqueness
This part of the make-up reference ..
So beautiful and unique right?
so.. which one?
I hope it's useful to reference our makeup, doing for photoshoot
fashionshoot, and many more...

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