Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Song For Today...

J-LO ft Pitbull - On The Floor

when I listen to this song, I remember when I was with someone last night in the room full of people, crowded and we danced together, along with other friends, with each partner. he hugged me, kiss, danced together, have fun. but again he just a jerk and playboy .. I hate someone who thinks that he can get any girl!
Oh whatever, actually he is NOT my type ! But, i dunno why i could fallin love with jerk like him ? Oh WTF ! so poor me ... And, yeah, i didn't take a picture with him anymore ,, that's so pitty ...
But, anyway, forget it... that was very fun with a little sadness...
It all has passed, even though I have to feel sad again.
I hate myself for a lot of reason but what you doing to me is the most i've ever hated myself and yourself... !!!
Ohh whatever, keep texting cause I don't freakin' care, all your messages have been deleted without even being read =)

Well, QUOTE FOR TODAY (from twitter) :
"Karma is not a bitch. It's something that tells you how bitchy you were before. Be kind, be wise with your life!"

"If lovers never lie, then LIARS never love"

"Dear God, Tell me how many frogs do I have to kiss, before I find my prince?"

"If Head says "No", and Heart says "Go".... then just GO and follow your Heart!"

"Be careful of my heart. It’s fragile"

"Dulu kamu gak tau namanya luka smpe kamu ketemu aku, aku dulu gak tau namanya cinta sampe aku ketemu kamu"

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