Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough...

OMG, i really really miss my blog !
long time no posting look in here..
what's up???
how r you guys?
i was busy with my holiday and assignment (always)
yeah, holiday in Bandung and Jakarta..

Anyway, this is my new look..
Location in Jogjakarta, Malioboro and Taman Budaya..
Photograper, thank's to Abbe Kayaza Asryaf (Bulb Photography, and friend)
i wear my chiffon long skirt, with strips sabrina top, and my new shoes!! -Charles & Keith.. from my brother's girlfriend
Her name is Annisa Anastasia, i called her "Ica"
She is so kind ! i love her !!

how's your day guys?


  1. nice post :D... fashionable sekaliii.. :D hehe... dilanjut postingan selanjutnyaahh... eh yo echy ra nduwe blog yo? di kon nggawe wae :D

  2. you look amazing!!!love your outfit!!
    kisses <3


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