Friday, July 8, 2011

No Idea for Today...

how was your day ?
i'm so glad b'coz holiday is coming !
yayy !
tomorow ! tomorow i'll coming back to my home !
in Jakarta. i really2 miss my family !!
long time no see :(

btw, i think i'm in love now..
hahaha, with someone who make me so bloomy..
but (again) he is so far from me :(
he's from turkey :S
omg.. but he's so kind, nice, and funny !!
last night i hv webcam with him...
for the second time.. hehehe
and everything so fun !!
and his family... very very nice !!
i said "assalamualaikum", and his Mom answer, "wallaikumsallam"
aw..... >_<

anyway, in this picture, i wear strips top , koboy hats, latex legging, and black wedges...
location : Jenisa's house
camera : 500 D
this photos just for fun.. no concept and no idea..
so, i think look so weird !!!
ahaha LOL

1 comment:

  1. I really love these pictures!!


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