Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Assignment (Audio Visual)

This is our assignment of my last semester. It's about product advertising and public service ads. I have 4 groups of people. Diandra Claracita, Me, Resty, and Jenisa

 jeni, nisa, me, and resty

 resty, Nisa, me, jeni, diandra

it's photos of behind de scene 

Advertising Products (AXE)
Concept: forecaster palms AXE perfume smell from a ugly guy and geeky. then she became wild after smelling. Rise above the table, and then she want to predict a guy's hand, but she took a pen and write her telephone number in the hands of the guy. "Call me" with a naughty pose expresion :))
Concept by me and Moron 
Director : Me
Editing : Me and Resty
Cameramen : Jenisa and Mas Bety
Talent : Diandra and Mas hillman

Second , Public Advice Advertising
it's about we tell the public that eating snacks anywhere it's not good for health
Concept by Resty
Talent : Nisa and student
Voice : Nana
Editing : Jenisa's friend
Cameramen : Jenisaa and Resty

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