Monday, August 15, 2011

Holiday WishList ...

Romantic Beach in Bali


The romantic Hotel

Bali girls

Picture, All about Bali...

  • From Nasty Gal

for night club paty ;)

for hangout and shopping

it's more than "cool" right? ;)

another wishlist adorable shoes XD

sweet, for walking in Beach and waiting for sunset

That's stuff from Nasty Gal

from Fashiolista

Bikini, summer beach wishlist

Bikini, summer beach wishlist


love the colours

stripes bikini, so chic

hot pink


ah, me want !! this one soooooo sweet and i ♥ the colour

so summer

simple and catchy

cool design

bikini, miss universe

lovely cut!!!

so simple and sweet

i love this colour

i'm in love with colour like this now.... so fresh

OMG!!! the dress!!! the colour!!!

what d u think? !!!

pretty colour!!! and i love the design

wishlist =P

and this one!! favorite colours <3

flat sandals

floopy hats

cute colours

sunglasses ;)

so pretty

sunglasses wishlist

sandals =P

simple and trendy sandals

it's all about my summer wishlist ..
i will go to Bali with my NEW boyfriend , he is from Turkey
ah, i can't wait to meet him in Bali !!!
Ummm, but still confused about the date..
New year + his birthday (1 jan) or Val's day (14 feb) ??
what should i choosed?
*rooling eyes*


  1. Oooh, i love those photos, so summer feeling!

  2. Always love for Nasty Gal shop! :D
    I follow you also here.. Do you remember me? I'm Trendy Trashy ..Fanned on LookBook. and also in here :)
    Love your blog sweety. Please look at mine:
    hope we can follow each other

    yess i remember you :D
    okay i will follow you


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