Sunday, September 4, 2011


how was your weekend girl? i miss blogging so much
ummm, actually this is my old picture, was taken in a few months ago... :D
ummm, maybe in march/ april ...
And you can see that i was look super fat ! omg!
This photo looks very fat because it was taken before I go on a diet (shy),, hahaha...
this is just fun session, location at Jenisa's house, she is my best friend in college, and Restia Viani. omg, i miss my girl so mucho...
actually at campus, They are my lovely bestfriend, 4 people. but in this pic just the three of us, that one didn't come. her name is Diandra Clara Cita, she has a same hobby with me, she like fashion drawing, shopping, and shoes addict !!! We all have different characters... Restia Viani are so cool, sensitive, deeply in love with her ​​boyfriend, and so easily to cry ! hahaha.... then, Jenisa she is shoes lover, 
she had a shoe store / shoe maker.. Pssst, some of my shoes, i bought at her onlinestore ;)

few days, I've just shopping at Plaza Semanggi, Pondok Indah Mall, Ambassador, and Plaza Senayan, very much. clothes, accessories, dresses, tops, and many more.... but I don't have time to take a photo with it all :'(

well, i hope you guys enjoy your weekend !
xoxo <3


  1. you are so cute!

  2. hi beautiful!
    I really wanted to thank you for supporting me in the bloggers wardrobe contest! its so sweet of you to take the time to do that!
    Thank you!
    and keep blogging!

    Bethany from

  3. hy sweety , thanks!!!
    yeah, i already vote your photos
    yayy1 success for you bethany


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