Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Thankyou to my ex Adhen photography for do this lovely photoshoot. i like it so much. But i'm sorry guys, i forgot to bring my shoes for photoshoot , because when we take a picture, my shoes still in home.. umm, but i think i wanna buy a new shoes soon, i'm in love with wedges for now . Well, i wear my new top it's not really expensive but i like it so much ! I bought in random boutique in Jakarta, then i wear a Turqouise eyeglasses , i like it so much b'cause  the colour look so matching with my top, Turqouise green .. and you know, actually my jeans hotpants is long jeans but i cut and taraaaaaa...... hotpants now ! Well, i hope you guys enjoy your day !!! cheers ♥
 and this is the photograper, thank's for you, haha Adhen ! =D
Photograper By Adhen, Editing by Me

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