Monday, September 12, 2011


pssst ladies, dont try this at home! =P

another pose and outfit


This photo was taken about a month ago, location in the city of Jogjakarta along with my best friend, we were friends since junior high. her name is Elizabeth. she is a young mom. ^_^
well, today is the last day in Jakarta, b'coz tonite i will go to Solo again, phewww.... and welcome college !!
i miss my Campus so much! um! no no... i mean, i miss my friend in campus so much! LOL =D
ummmm, I'm still very worried now, because I haven't got a place to intern. all the emails I've sent but no reply till now, so sad and always praying... i hope so...
I hope my journey will be safe tonight
(because I would travel 12 hours by train, and alone)


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