Saturday, October 29, 2011


i wear floopy hats, white tube dress from my ex boyfie, and lace socks with new pinky heels

We take refuge under the fabric... Gosh, my skin look super tanned now =(

Yesterday I did photosession at the desert, Parangkusumo, Yogyakarta. together with my ex boyfriend and 3 other friends. 
You know, actually we wanted to take a pictures in the morning, but I woke up late, and in the end we took a picture at 12 noon. really hot, I'm not kidding, maybe the temperature reaches 35-37 degrees celcious. Phewwww....

you can see at the bottom of my shoe until it damaged like that, whereas this is my new shoes, *sigh*.extreemly HOT ! =(
 well... i really envy with you guys that live in cold country, i mean in your country now is Autumn seasons right? oh gosh... i hate live in tropic country, i wanna feel cold, not hot =(

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