Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Art Drawing

before coulouring
Hey i'm back. yess it's me ! Hmmm...
I just drew two pictures, normally I draw what's in my head, or someone who was in my mind, so I'm drawing right away, you could say like "vent"
Well, I share with you all, about my steps drawing, starting from sketches, to coloring, and the selection of background.
Psssttt, Can you guess who the character of a man in this pic? haha actually I'm ashamed to say it, just a few days he was there in my mind, ah.... let's hope he doesn'tt read my blog post, hahaha ... * shy*

look! My drawing looks less perspective, the photograper as if taking photographs to me, rather than to the model, then I edit again be like this : 

it's look better right ?
before colouring

Okay, I drew a fashionable character because he really love fashion, yeah just like me. and he also likes photography, while I like to be model. So I draw like he was taking pictures of me. ;)
hmm, let me know what you think about my drawing??
Btw, i really2 need job as soon as possible !!! money, moneyyy i need you !!!
someone will come to Indonesia, and I have not had time to save money to go to Bali (according to our plan) I don't know whether he will actually come or not later.

(hand drawing manual, scan, then editing photoshop cs 3)

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