Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Heyy heyyy what's up ???
Finallyyyyyy.... I ended up an internship at the office called"LESTUDE" in Solo City (after a few months here and there I am applying for the internship office ... and today, four o'clock, I was bored and no idea, before I was given the task of creating a digital magazine . But I've been feeling a little tired, because there has been at the office from nine in the morning ... (Pssst don't tell my boss, I use internet silently) =P

Well, i wore chiffon black dress that I bought at a boutique in one of the major malls in Jakarta. Combination with tight and pinky heels and mix and match with pinky scarf... i know, my chiffon black dress is my summer dress, but i wear this dress for rain season... Then, location in Jogjakarta City,
at one street there is lots of gravity on the wall... Photograper by Adhen, he is my ex (private photograper)
He took so many photos with me, aw.. i love it♥

Alright, i'd like to continue my work, before my boss comes, bye !!! =D

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