Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Layout

Hello everyone ! how are you so far?
I hope all goes nice ... What about your weekend? my weekend as usual, hangout with lovely friends, and last week I did a photoshoot with my besties, and here it is one of them,
me, Resty, Jeni
behind the scene

i love this picture !! the tone colour is so vintage ! thank's to SENO our photographer =D
concept in this photo is actually styled like Korean women, but see? It's look like Korean style? Hahaha It seems that managed to look like Korean girls is just JENISA (she wear glasses) because she has white skin and slant-eyed, haha..

I just changed the layout on my blog, because I was bored with my old layout that looks untidy and a bit messy.. Then how do you think about my new layout?  Let me know what you think. I really really like RED,  red is one of my fav colours. so, I show on my blog =D

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