Monday, November 14, 2011


Phewwww today is Monday, and so lazy for today.
I hate this day, first I came late to the office, second I forgot to bring my blackberry, then finally my back feels very tired +_+
actually this photo was taken about a few weeks ago
but I just got around to uploading on the blog
well, i wore DIY sweater top (this is my mom's oversize sweater) =D
the, mini jeans skirt (secondhand), and floopy hats i bought in jakarta, and wedges from yongki komaladi
alright, have a wonderful Monday !!


  1. these photographs look so professional love it like the concept of the oversized sweater and how you have defined a new finish to it:)

  2. Beautiful! Love this look!

  3. i love this one
    you look so pretty dear


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