Friday, December 9, 2011

UNESTABLISH Wishlist Christmas Giveaway

Hey everybody! I'm back !!! It's Friday night . I spend my Friday nite with lovely besties at the cafe called Tony Jack . Aniway, i really2 love online store. And UNESTABLISH is one of my favorite .
And you should know, they're having a big giveaway to you <http://UNESTABLISH.COM> , a multi-label online boutique....

All of us got the chance to win any favorites clothes that we want from them, and this is how we can join the giveaway :

Come join their Christmas wish list giveaway, it’s really simple!

  1. Follow me on  twitter and follow my blog The Pretty Rabbit
  2. Just post 3 of your favorite items on their site on your blog.
  3. Link back to their site on your blog.
  4. Send your blog post links to:
  5. Done! 
3 lucky winners will be announced on 20th December and their UNESTABLISH Christmas wish list will be fulfilled and it may just be you!

For my wishlist, i choosed :

1. Love & Lemons Casablanca Dress

2. KLING Dress Lepaix
 3. Summer Briefcase

Note :
Psssttttt, for one entire month, enjoy 25% discount + free worldwide shipping + cash rebates on all your purchases. Use the code XMAS25 at checkout.


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