Monday, January 2, 2012


I know, long time I didn't write on my blog, i was too bus with my internship ! And you know what ! FINALLY, I've done an internship eventually end december, after earlier through many obstacles.. Phewww...  I really really miss my blog ... And! how's your New Year's Eve?
And me? just stay at home in Jakarta with my lovely family.. Mom and Dad, i miss them so badly... 
probably been 3 months I did not go home ... Watching cinema on TV, see fireworks, eating Indonesian food called "Sate"
It's like meat is pierced and burned with peanut sauce or it could be with soy sauce and super spicy if you like.. Oh Yummmyyyy......... (You should try it!)

Aniway, Actually this photo was taken since a few weeks before the new year...
I wore my new dress, chiffon assimetris red dress, red is my favorite colour!!! Red is look so sexy and hot, right? ;)
And i used this photo for my avatar on Twitter

And platform pump shoes from new big random shoes store at one of my favorite Mall in Solo

 Me, Restia Viani, and Clara Diandra
My college friend

And special thanks to Ikhsan Haryoseno as our photographer.. He is my college friend.. So creative and i like his portfolio ;)
Location at Laweyan, Solo, Indonesia. By the way, what's your resolution for 2012 ? And this is mine :
1. to be skinny
2. I could realize an online store that I will make called "The Pretty Rabbit Online Store"
3. New boyfriend ? ;) ♥
4. Graduate !!
And, how about you?

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