Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Malioboro, Jogja

etnic yellow necklace from Queen

 Hiiii everyone, hola como estas??? I have no time to online and updated my blog :(
It's so sad, i'm too busy with my study and you know what ! i just opened my new fashion online store... called "The Prettty Rabbit Shop". It's all about vintage stuff, accsesoris, dress, asymmetric dress, and many more !! i just a pretty busy with it. So many order and i'm so glad !! :D

I'm so tired for today... Finally, holiday is coming !!! Goodbye my fuckin internship !  finally finished my internship !! Phew... Today i was go to Bengawan Sport with my besties. Aerobic and playing Bowling ... I love it. Because it's time to burning my fat.. hahaha...

And, about these photos.. It's all taken by Sulistiyo Putranto and Dian Rasmana . Location at Malioboro, Jogja, Indonesia .. I'm so lucky because while doing the photoshoot is not raining. Because usually when the late afternoon it is always raining! and i hate it so muchhh !!
Nerd look, i wore my DIY fringe top, and chiffon long skirt ...
 and when the night, we went to one of the Club named "Boshe" in Yogyakarta. That was super awkward moment ! My besties made me disappointed :( But, forget about it... :(
And aniway, how are you so far? ;)

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  1. wow nice photos!! love em all! terutama foto yang 2 terakhir, bagus bgt ♥

    love the maxi yellow skirt & vintage bag..! also the black asymmetrical skirt too, gorgeous!

    xoxo, Izzaura

    p.s: if u don't mind, u can visit my blog:


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