Saturday, March 10, 2012


Haiiiii Guys !!!!! I know, I know. It's been a long time I didn't update my blog !! I have no time for it :(
Yea, as i said before, 
I am a little busy with my online shop which has been running for two months. And it is super amazing !!!
I am so glad that I was able to quickly attract the attention of people with clothes that I sell. And it's make me super shock !!! In just one week, I managed to sell hundreds of clothes. It's feel pretty stress and so tired !!!
Super thank's to my Brother, Mom and Dad. 
They have helped me during Pretty Rabbit's production of clothes in Jakarta. And now i'm back to study in Solo.
Yeah, (Final semester!) DAMN .

And i wanna show you one of Pretty Rabbit's stuff :

Coming soon ! All about crop top !
 And also Pretty Rabbit;s avatar on Twitter . If you have twitter, go FOLLOW --> Pretty Rabbit

Shipping resi papper February Pre order

One of our favorite

One of Indonesian artist who buy so many clothes in Pretty Rabbit. She's andhara early

One of Pretty Rabbit's best seller stuff.. "Mini chiffon skirt"

Mustard Chiffon Long skirt

Coment from One of Indonesian Artist , Achi - Violist SHE band.

Ilustrator : me

My new avatar on Twitter . Old pic but still in love with this one !!! ♥

*Poor camera*

Sorry for poor camera, it's me wore Asymmetric red V skirt ..

.That's super tired and fun moment ! But i love it so much !!! And i have no time to upload or take a picture about my stuff  everyday .. :'(
I have no camera, but i'll buy a new one !! ;)Ah, btw.. if you wanna see Pretty Rabbit on Facebook Fanpage , open it --> Pretty Rabbit

And !! i just can't wait to do photoshoot Pretty Rabbit's new stuff tomorow, Thursday in Jogja, with my super pretty model friend, Fitri Sabban , Ecy, and Bella .. *CrossedFinger*
Wish me luck, guys !!! Oh, and i also busy with my Final Tesis or assignment. I just started.

-Wening Tresnany H-

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  1. Girl, you'e been a busy bunny! Lookin good in that red skirt-- LOVE!



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