Friday, March 30, 2012

Purple ...

Yess. I'm still busy work in Pretty Rabbit store pre order .. And today i packed all stuff, check all stuff at the tailor, design for packaging, print, and i have to study at University (prepare for final assignment/ thesis) .. then tomorrow i'll send all package ..  Oh... What a busy day !!! :O
Fiuhh super tired, but i love my job !!!
And aniway, i wore NEW STUFF (coming soon in April collection) "PURPLE GAL DRESS" backless ;)
(satin silk and floral).. so guys, do you like it?
Dress : Design by me
Location : Rotterdam kost
Photographer : Galuh Pratiwi
Editing photo : me
And also busy prepare for garage sale at Rown Divission, 7-8 April.. Be there guys !!!
and here is the pamflet :

i will be there .. Well, i hope you guys enjoy your day and have a nice weekend !!! Thank's God it's Friday and tomorrow is Saturrrrrrrrrrdayyyyyyyyyyyyy, Wohooo.... xoxo

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