Wednesday, July 11, 2012


And this is the last day in Bali. so sad and i feels like I don't want to back home :D
But the time was not friendly. I have to go back home soon because so many work waiting me, arrghhh i hate it actually!
Hmm, alright, me and my friend Tiurecha took lots of photos. We never get bored for photosession :D
 We really take advantage of our last time in Bali. That day we went shopping all day. First we went to Ubud to buy souvernir, then back to Kuta to buy souvenirs at Indian stores. We are very crazy about this store, everything looks very beautiful. I finally bought Dreamcatcher necklace, and peacok earrings Then we bought ice cream gellato, took a picture again, and go back to Hotel.

And if you wanna see our long journey, these the picture i took on the road go back home by car ..


this is terrible!! :S

thank's for reading ♥

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