Saturday, September 15, 2012

Breath Of Nature...

Dress : The Pretty Rabbit / Indian Hats warbonnet : Kuta Bali / Dreamcatcher necklace : Poppoluca Stuff

Hola everyone, how are you so far?
Umm... i just check my email and i've received these photos. Yeah, my photosession about 2 weeks ago at TMII, Jakarta Timur.. Photographer by Adelaide Doni , he's one of my favorite photographer!!!
Omg i love all his portfolio <3
And i wanna show you some of his STUNNING work/ portfolio.. Ready? Okay... Let's see!

all photo by: Adelaide Dony W

And aniway, i have no idea what should i tell you now, ummm. i just feel so flat. I mean, my life. Maybe i need a camera? haha to take of my daily post outfit?
or i should buy a new one. yep, maybe. i will. ass soon as possible.
Some of people asked me about, who is taking all your picture huh?
hmmm.. i just want you guys to know that the answer is ... my photographer's friend.
Yeah, since i had ex boyfriend (he's my first photographer aniway), i have soooooo many model's friend and photographer's friend! in Jogja, Solo, and Jakarta. (psssssst, and actually one of my photographer's friend is my crush! only crush! not boyfriend! LOL)
You know what? they're so kind and fun! so if i need to take a photoshoot , ummm maybe for my online store Pretty Rabit's cataloug photoshoot, or just my daily outfit photoshoot, i called my photographer's friend and think about wadrobe, location, and the models.
A 2 years ago, model carrier is one of my favorite job every week (freelance). But now, i'm so damn busy to manage pretty Rabbit and studyyyyy, that's why i have no time for it. So, i did photoshoot is only for fun to update my blog :D

Okay, have a nice weekend and tx for reading ^_^


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