Friday, September 7, 2012


I just spend my time with my lovely besties. Long time no see them. What s super duper busy day, but i still have time to hanging out with the girls. Eating, Gossiping, Girl's Talk, Laugh, Crying, Shopping together, and many more. Ahhhh.. I love this things. Yeah, they're my friends in Solo. I was holiday for 1 month ago in Jakarta, now i come back to Solo, to College, yeah i mean to study again, to finishing my Final Assignment. Pheewwww...
And also, Pretty Rabbit, as always. Super tired, but i still love my job !! ♥


And this one is just mix reference style. I'm in love with ombre style and wanna colouring my hair again. Umm... Just wondering, it would be good.
And some of GIF image and style inspiration. that's so amazing ♥

Thank's for reading, have a nice day
xoxo ♥

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