Thursday, September 20, 2012

Make A Wish...

Dress : The Pretty Rabbit (Red Bludru Bodycon) / Indian hats warbonnet : Kuta Bali

It's been a week since i took a photoshoot these pic. Yep I actually don't forget, it's just the connection  internet at my dorm room off for a while and seemed very bad signal here. Omg, i'm so sick with my bad bad bad signal. I even could not use my phone to communicate with friends! What the hell what's going on huh? errr...

Well, lately i'm in love with native indian or etnic style. Yeah, you can see on my online store collection this month, the concept is all about mix from etnic, assymetric, and native indian. And, i also want to take a pic for myself  wear this stuff. Location in Jogja, and and.. the photographer is (again) one of my favorite photographers in Jogja. haha.. Yep, he's my friend. I love all his portfolio. He is --> Arie Kingvander
And what do you think about his work??? ;)
absolutely amazing right?

Aniway I never tired to keep looking for scholarships, i mean Fashion design scholarship or Visual Cmmunication . This is my dream, i really want to go study abroad in London, Paris, or Italy maybe? Hmmff.. I hope so !!
I just checked my email and was shocked that I got a reply from IFA Paris about scholarship, but unfortunately I was late . Ah.
Okay, thank's for reading ! See ya ♥

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