Monday, October 29, 2012

Indrayanti Beach

heyyy ! i'm back!!! long time i didn't update, and i really miss my blog !!!
and how are you guys so far? :)
And yesterday me and my besfriend went to the beach, yeah! Indrayanti Beach, in Wonosari Jogja
Yesterday was the first time i came to Indrayanti Beach
travel by my friend's car spent about 4 hours. Pheww super fun! and tired :D
Actually in Wonosari, Jogja there's so many beautiful beaches. (Sundak, Indrayanti, Kukup, Drini, and... ah! FORGET!) more than 7 beaches named! that's sounds amazing right?????
But the most famous is .. Indrayanti, and Sundak beach :)

I took a picture with the girls and Tiurecha's Mom. Her mom is super kind person! we love you so much ♥
We spent our single day together. Playing with the water, waves, and sunset! yep of course! hehe
But... i actually really want to wearing a bikini! hmm but it's not the right time.. because there's so many people, i mean in Indrayanti Beach look so damn crowded!
Yeah so annoying for us if we wore bikini..
And the weather yesterday is feel sooooo HOT! omg and it's makes my skin look so tanned! pheww.... >_<

And happy day for you, thank's for reading !
see ya ♥

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