Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Dream...


actually it's been a month ago I did this photoshoot, I just copy all photos from the photographer.
Yep, he is, Arie Kingvander . Location  at hay Maguwo near from stadion. Ummm, i'm in love with his work!! aaaa.. i like it. Umm, i wore Bludru Backless dress (maroon) from Pretty Rabbit. I sell it.
Aniway, happy Halloween day for you all ! ^_^
thank's for reading ♥

happy hallooween day


  1. Hi dear i found you on lookbook :D
    Love this !!1 nice pictures :D

    Btw would you like follow each other ? i hope you'll like my blog :D
    please let me know if you want dear :D

  2. nice blog!

    stop by sometime?

    xx rena.


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