Tuesday, November 19, 2013


haii how are you guys so far? i miss my blog so much huhu... then suddenly i remember that i forgot to posting something new on my blog, OMG! i'm so sorry for it, as i said before that i  I don't have much time for online, i'm so damn busy.  but i'll try to keep posting as soon as i can. So, now i'm showing you about inspiration stuff.
Yeah .. you know that I had to prepare everything for the exam of my thesis. Oh, wish me luck! i'm so speechless !
soon I will be a graduate ! Yayy !

Seriously, it's make me feels like, "Oh helooo.. i need holiday, please?!" Holly shit, i mean "stressed" you know i can't explain it, i just wanna shopping with the girls, vacation, and something like that for refreshing my head! hahaha...
it's sounds a lil bit hopeless huh? NO.. super thankyou with my besties because  they always give me a spirit.
Ah, and aniway about a weeks ago, me and some of my friends visited one of Indonesian's mountain, called "Prau, Dieng" 
You know, actually it's my first time! Yeah for the first time I climbed the mountain. i'm so excited.
firstI was nervous seriously and scared but finally I managed to reach the top! (as fast as i can)

OMG, i'm so proud with myself! haha...
There's so many beautiful view and super cold! OMG it's about 5-10 degrees celcious! i'm dead! haha..
But basically i love it, i like all about travelling, vacation, and something like that. Do you think what i think, guys?
But guys, NO PIC = HOAX. yeah, i mean don't worry i already have all the photos about our trip in Dieng + VIDEO. i'll upload all the photos very soon! okay? PROMISE :)
Thank's for reading, xoxo ♥

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