Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kaskus Travellers Gathering OANC 5- BANDUNG

 Hi guys, how are you? i know long time i didn't post anything on ma blog, yeah i'm so busy with so many things, work, friends, travelling, and many more, haha. And also i never take a fashion photoshoot lately, so that's why i almost forget about my blog, seriously! hahaha i miss blogging aniway.
And i wanna show you guys about my long weekend trip with travellers friend. Hope you guys enjoy ^_^

20:00 jemput teman di RCTI dulu, main ke ruangan Graphic Design

Berangkat dari Jakarta jam 02:00, sampai di Bandung jam 04:30 am.

10:00 am. Finally sampai di Kiara Payung Camping Ground , masih sepi

From morning untill evening, spending time with awesome friends

day 1 at camping ground

materi about travelling photography

with the ladies friends

my favorite cheese biscuit for breakfast

Surabi, another choice for breakfast

follow me to Mountain

Sunday, sunrise
Papandayan mountain view

don't forget to pray

morning view, and it's pretty cold in here

It was really fun and awesome long weekend! i met so many new friends, culinary, and explore new things in my life. There is 330 people in Kiara Payung Camping Ground, Jati Nangor, Bandung. We're so happy and can't wait for next year gathering, OANC 6 in central Java ! Seriously, it's really amazing experience ! Thankyou @KaskusOanc, you can follow their tweet and info on Twitter!
See you in our next trip !

                                                     short video from Gatnas 5 Bandung

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