Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I think many people get curious about how someone literally update their social media with repetitive styling picture and they want to know the process behind it. Whenever I got a question about it during interviews or casual meet-up, I’d pretty much explain the overall description: that I choose the clothes to wear on that day, then go out to take picture in purpose or sneaking to get some shots done during the current day activities. That’s all. Lately I learned that picture tells much more than a few wording elaboration, and until I post the visual answer, people will keep asking the same thing. So here we go, the complete behind the scene chronology of “How I Take My #OOTD Photos”.


If you blog about your day-to-day styling tips online, yes you have to prepare. Even if I just go out for a casual hang out I’d prepare myself just in case I go to a photo-friendly place (with few people, good background, etc). Here is what I usually need to consider:


 The clothes that I’ll be wearing on the shooting day will depend on what event I’m going to.

2. GEAR 

I usually asked my photographer's friend to help me take a photoshoot, previously i had my personal photographer which is my ex-boyfriend, since i broke up with him about 4 years ago i always colaborate with my photographer's friend (Jogja, Jakarta, Solo), i'm so glad and thankyou for you guys. But aniway i'm going to buy a new one, mirrorless camera because i think it's so simple for take a pic and travelling, then i'm ready to jet off. And since i'm working in Jakarta at one of Fashion e-commerce Company as Fashion Merchandiser (Brand partnership) i don't have a lot of time now to take a photo #ootd, huhu so sad..  


So it’s time to take the outfit pictures. How do it looks? I’ll let you see one of my outfits photo-taking BTS and some photohunting event with my photographer's friend in Jogja and Solo


So, here's some of my #ootd photos results. You don't need a great or expensive camera as long as the pictures looks good and high quality, even you can use your smartphone for #ootd, seriously. i'll show you guys some of my #ootd from my instragram :



meme-bonus  :D
Usually you’ll get good pictures within minutes, but sometimes the clothes are harder to shot (detailed pattern, swing-y materials, darker colors) so you have to spend more time working on it. It’s crazier for the photographer actually, who have to deal with different angle and make funny poses along the way. I found this video on Youtube last time and it totally defines the Behind-The- Scene atmosphere well, so similar with what I got to get through! Embeded the video here so you can watch easily:


I can’t imagine how does it feel to shot a night sky! Or dive to get a beautiful still picture of a swan either! Those guys are crazy patient and I’m saluting them for that. Averagely it only took us from 10 to 20 minutes for regular #OOTD shots. After we got the photos, all we need is to select and edit! It’s not that hard, but it’s more complicated than what you might think too.

Taking #OOTD pictures, food pictures (don’t lie, I know you once climb on the chair to take the whole food on the table!) but we do it anyway because we know we’re creating beautiful memories.
Do you ever experience crazy photo-taking in life, too? What makes you do it? Shot me a comment and share the stories below!

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