Thursday, August 6, 2015

East Java, Central Java & Fun Things

it's really late post, haha as you can see on my instagram or facebook album, there's a lot of my photos about Idul Fitri Holiday from East & Central Java with my family and good friends. I went to so many new place, Klayar Beach, Lorog Beach in Pacitan, then village in the mountain, Ullen Sentalu Museum in Yogya, The Queen of The South pool in Parangtritis, then Solo city omg i really miss this city! i visited some places, i ate a lot of food RIP DIET haha, then back to Yogya again by train, Saturday night i'm with the girls went to one of rooftop pool in Yogya called Ibiss SkyBar, and the last day i spent day swim at tropical swimpool Hyatt Regency Hotel Yogya. Although only on vacation 12 days but i had a beautiful moment.
"Travelling is about renewing our dull soul and injecting new energi to start the routines again. Don't be trapped in the need of showing off in online life"

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