Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Life is Like RollerCoaster

Hello guys! OMG yes it's me! I'am baaaack.... I know I know, I've been posting very little as of lately but bare with me. I’ve been having some busy days over here in Jakarta. Crazy, i really miss my blog! it's been about 2 years i didn't post anything on my blog. There's so many story, pictures, and everything that i didn't share on here.
And suddenly i'm thingking about my blog, hmm.. i even confused which one should i share all my photos, yes i mean #OOTD photos. Because it's gonna be so looooongggg story and a lot of stuffs!!

But, before i share you guys some of my photos over 2 years, i'm going to tell you a lil bit about what's new in my life..

Well, since my first career at retail company as visual merchandiser, i was jumped to another job as Partner Relations at one of start-up fashion website.
That was reaaallyyy fun and all the people there is very nice and made me laugh everyday, which is i really enjoy and completelly happy! Honestly, there's some of problem in my life lately about my career-life, i know God was testing my mental and patient. There's so many problem in this world. Yup, i understand life is like roallercoaster, just close your eyes and enjoy the up and down. 
And i finally resigned then move to another job, I just wanna upgrade my skill and financial. From graphic designer, Merchant Acquisition until Visual merchandiser at luxury brand, but... again, God still testing my mental. But i keep optimis!
Aniway, as i already told you guys before, i don't like working at office, you know.. there's so many drama and politic office, it's makes me sick! And totally stress! to be honest my dream is still on my blood, yes.. to be a Fashion Designer/ Entrepreneur..
But sadly, my family didn't support me at the moment :(
So, that's the reason why i still work at the office, and i'm trying to enjoy my work and survive!
I promise with myself, i would reach my dream and run my fashion bussines again as soon as i get married (but i still don't know who the hell is my future husband?) LOL :D

Well, i could say that i'am the typical of girl who's really "picky" but simply i just like a guy who love his family, protective, want to listening, patient, someone who can make me laugh, silly, want to workhard, love travelling and mature. Just like that. Oh and someone who can answer and spontaneous when i ask "so, what's the craziest things you've ever done lately?" :P

And yeah i've been dating a few men lately. But people come and go. Of course i met a nice guy and also asshole but sometimes i feels like ummmm just and going nowhere, also i'm protecting myself from the brokenheart syndrom. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me? since i broke up with my EX about 5 years ago, i haven't met MR Right yet, all of them just wanna have fun, broke my heart and wasted my time or somethin like that, i'm too tired with this sh*t haha... or i'm just too picky and childish? whatever haha...
And of course, i've met someone that i feels like he's the best things i've ever met in my life, but again maybe God didn't let us to be together.
When all my besties 1 by 1 getting married, i'm here be like.... "OMG where's the next destination for vacation?? OMG i still wanna reach my career and dream! OMG girls, let's hangout!" :D
but who want stay single? of course, i would like to get married and have children  in the future.

Okay!! Forget it. These are some of my photos taken in the past 2 years (just some of photo, not all!) :))

 I'm sorry it's gonna be a ton of pic, but enjoy! :D

i love this spot! This was at Gandaria City Rooftop

with my co-worker

after work OOTD with bestie
self timer :p

at the rooftop and it's pretty cold in here! Photographer by Deddy Satrio
photo by my bestie Echy DH. At Dia.Lo.Gue Cafe

photo OOTD by Nisa Filia

We took some OOTD photos instead of lunch time at office.

at Plaza Indonesia with Echy DH behind the lens

pssssst, this location was in front of the office photo by my co-worker which is right now she is my silly bestie : Cyntia!
self timer

self timer

photo by Galih Galsud, he's my friend when i was in college! His skill is just makes me WOW

photo by Haryo Setyadi, he's one of my fav photographer in Jogja! His skill is just makes me speechless

and again, photo by my ootd-mate Cyntia at Bundaran HI, i don't care if people keep staring at me, but first, photo! :P

in Yogya with Mohamad Nouval, the photographer that i've already know him since 2012

and again, with Galih Galsud, vintage mood

This was in Yogya one day before New Year 2017 ! photo by Haryo Setyadi

by Mohammad Nouval. See? His photowork looks more and more awesome now! Omg, i just can't.

at Senayan City, photo by co-worker Karina

still at Senayan City Mall, by Karina

self timer :p

photo by Cyntia, actually we just went to the cafe for hangout then i realized that this cafe is very epic! so girls  be like "come on, let's take a photo!" hahaa... #GIRLS

still with Cyntia, at Kota Kasablanka Mall

self timer

by Gilang Numero

after work, at Kemang Village Mall

at Epicentrum Kuningan

by Galih Galsud, his editing skill is like a pro, awesome!

self timer

photo by Andy Adam when he visit Jakarta and we hungout together

with my lil bestie, in Solo

feeling bohemian

by Moh. Nouval at UGM, Jogja

by Andy Adam at Epicentrum Kuningan, the original photo is actually super dark, but thank's to instant editing photo : Snapseed!! 

Thankyou for reading! 
Hope You guys enjoy!

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