If you're interested in advertising or sponsoring my blog, there are a few different options available. Both small & large business are welcomed to sponsor me. However, I can only work with businesses that relate to my blog content and my interests. Basic advertising options are shown below.

Featured Giveaway
Sponsors may offer a product for a giveaway on my blog. One of the instructions will include a way for the competitors to stay in touch with the sponsors, either via following sponsors' twitter, "Like" facebook fan page, subscribe to email updates, etc.

Promotion & Discount Codes
Sponsors are allowed to supply me a special code for my readers to enter during their checkout. I will be happy to include a shout-out on my regular blog posts.

Sidebar Ads (left & right columns available)
Please email me ( for the rates. Large ads are placed on the top, medium ones below large, and small sized ones below medium sized ones

Need Model
If you're interested wanna collaborating with me for a photoshoot, you can contact my email, and we can talk about further fee :)
And this is one of my portfolio : ModelMayhem

Styling Services
In need of styling for your lookbook, catalog, or other photoshoots? The Pretty Rabbit can help you in coming up with ideas and looks for your products and brands. Please email me for specific.

You need of ilustrator ? The Pretty Rabbit can help you for that. Art fashion drawing for magazine, catalouge, logo, character of your style, and many more. Just send me email ;)

Feel so confused to find suitable logo for your brand? just contact me, I could make a suitable logo for your brand. :)

for more information, CONTACT ME :
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