summer holiday

message for you

me and you in ♥
summer in beach
so, you like me?

My BF's Face sketch...  Dedicated to Murat Arikan

another background

nerd. all hand drawing by me ... colouring by me , photoshop cs 4

"Waiting You "

"Orange Juice"

 "Please, don't let go"

"I'll be by your side"

"Coffee Break"

"Thinking Of you"

"Just fashion"

"Polkadot Bikinies"

"Art Legging"

"Tufan Uye <3 "

"My ex Denny Surya Putra"

"Butterfly Effect"

"Sweet Girl"

"Happy Birthday To Me"

"Sketch Nisa's Face" 

"A Little Prince"

"Please, somebody Help me!"


"Pop Art"

"My Hair"

 Purple ...

 Hillman Zahni, my friend, he is photographer


 Papper dress...

 Stop Crying Baby.. please...

 Forget my past ...

 Happy Bday my sister !!!
Annisa Anastasia

 You know what? this is my drawing when i was junior high school.. 14 years old, i think...

 Art Gallery, my paint on Campus Gallery

 Crying and Desperate...

 Crying Butterfly...

-pretty rabbit icon

 You broken my heart, and now you leave me...


 Love Glasses

 Party ...

 My Mom face sketch :')




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